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Tips for Window Care

It is a popular misconseption that an installation of uPVC replacement windows and doors puts an end to window maintenance! Yes, timber windows should really be sanded down, painted and varnished annually/bi-annually but Replacement Windows and Doors also need some regular TLC, to ensure they are functioning correctly and that their warranty is still valid! If [...]

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How Astronauts Clean Windows In Space!

Well, we considered cleaning at 60 foot high (with the water fed pole) to be high level window cleaning. Cleaning the Internal Space Station Windows puts a whole new meaning to ladderless window cleaning! Using a specially manufactured pad to remove dirt, the astronauts videoed themselves cleaning the windows. International Space Station Gets Its Windows Cleaned
We [...]

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The Devil in Disguise “Hard Water Stains”

A couple of warm summer days is sure to have spurred many of us to dust down the barbeques and dash to the supermaket (or local garage) to purchase an extra large bag of briquettes – the likely hood of which we wont get the opportunity to use all of this year…

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