Tips for Window Care


It is a popular misconseption that an installation of uPVC replacement windows and doors puts an end to window maintenance! Yes, timber windows should really be sanded down, painted and varnished annually/bi-annually but Replacement Windows and Doors also need some regular TLC, to ensure they are functioning correctly and that their warranty is still valid! If you read the small print of most order forms it states that, in order to ensure that your 10 year guarantee remains valid, proper care and maintenance needs to be given to your windows and doors. We recommend a cleaning and maintenance schedule as listed below.

1-Locks should be oiled, using a light oil, twice a year. This will ensure smooth movement.

2-Any make of glass cleaner should be adequate to clean the glass. Regular cleaning is the best way to maintain the look of your windows & doors.

3-Cleaning PVC-u Frames. A mild solution of warm water or pure water is ideal for cleaning PVC-u. Never use anything abrasive that could scratch or damage the frame. If in doubt, it is a great idea to employ a window cleaner who is experienced in cleaning PVC products and will have all the correct equipment.

We often forget that after buying a house, the purchase of windows & doors is the next biggest investment we are likely to make. Over time windows, doors & conservatories will deteriorate without correct maintenance, so by solving problems as they occur you will save money in the long run. We can carry out general maintenance & repairs on windows, doors & conservatories including, fascia, soffits & guttering. We carry out full maintenance inspections to look at all your windows, doors & conservatories in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire. We can provide a full report on any problems that require professional repair.

Common issues that can be looked at when repairing & maintaining Windows & Doors:

  • Replacement of Sealed Units (Misted/Broken)
  • Curing Sticky/Dropped Windows & Doors
  • Window & Door Hinges
  • Replacement of Door Panels (Discoloured/Damaged)
  • Replacement of Handles & Letter Boxes (Update the Look of Your Door)
  • Replacement of Seals & Gaskets
  • Supply & Installation of Cat/Dog Flaps
  • Servicing and Replacement of Window, Door Locks & Gearing
  • Upgrading Door Lock Cylinders to Anti Snap Locks
  • Servicing and Replacement of Broken Guttering & Gutter Clips

Repairs & Maintenance of Conservatories:

  • Conservatory Leaks
  • Conservatory Roof Repairs & Maintenance
  • Conservatory Sealed Units (Misted/Broken)
  • Conservatory Roof Replacements – The ideal way to up-date your conservatory. Replace a polycarbonate roof for a more energy efficient Polycarbonate or a glass roof
  • Upgrading Polycarbonate Roofs
  • Solar Inserts & Conservatory Roof/Window Film

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