The Devil in Disguise “Hard Water Stains”

A couple of warm summer days is sure to have spurred many of us to dust down the barbeques and dash to the supermaket (or local garage) to purchase an extra large bag of briquettes – the likely hood of which we wont get the opportunity to use all of this year.

After all, there’s nothing like spending a rare English summer evening with a cool drink and a chargrilled … ahhhm… dinner in the garden. Although the maximum vision team all love this weather as much as our customers, it does bring the cleaning team a few headaches.

The devil in disguise…. “Hard water stains” from the gardeners friend…”the sprinkler” is top of the list. While we would never discourage our customers from using their sprinklers to quench the thirst of our poor dry lawns, please can we ask nicely – “pretty please” if you would be so kind as to use the sprinklers away from the windows. Hard water stains are very time consuming & difficult to remove without the use of specialised chemicals. So we are afraid to inform you that while we can spend a lot of extra time to remove these stains for our customer we do have to charge additionally for this service! Therefore, my advice would be to follow the Summer Check List below:

Check List:

* Keep sprinklers away from the windows and doors

* Use patio heaters away from the windows and doors

* Use Barbeques away from the windows and doors – grease and smoke stains are another summer nightmare

Then sit back and enjoy your cold drink & dinner in the sun!

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